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With expert mechanics at your service, you can begin the process of restoring your classic cars to their former glory. While K & M Auto Repair of Northfield does not offer any kind of cosmetic body work, we are prepared to go through the wiring, engine, carburetor and more in order to get the vehicle running. Take your first step toward having a real classic car by coming to the experts.

Bring your car back to life

Many issues with classic cars come down to basic restoration work, such as making sure all the wiring is in order. Bring your car to us so our experts can get it running.

Fixing simple problems whenever we can

As long as the frame of your car is in shape, K & M Auto Repair of Northfield can get it up and running again. What we really offer is the experience necessary to help our customers with all the mechanical fixes. While we may not make the car look like new, we can make it run like new!

Mechanical fixes for your classic car's problems

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